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Harel Mazor

Member of the Governing Board and Maintainer Web

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I believe we have a true chance for greatness with MapLibre. As a Board member and an Open Source promoter I believe in transparency and giving back to the community what’s rightfully theirs. Moving this project forward to new technologies and new markets will be my main focus, making sure we harness the power of the community by constantly updating our technology stack.

In the day I work as a group leader in Dell Technologies and at night I’m working on an open source hobby project called Israel Hiking Map (co-founder) which is a small navigation app that uses Capacitor and thus maplibre-gl-js to allow outdoor activities in Israel (hiking, biking, 4wd driving, running etc…).

The contribution that started my journey in MapLibre was the addition of the “addProtocol” method which opened up a world of opportunities to extend maplibre like never before.

I’ve pushed forward the typescript migration along with the modernization of the maplibre-gl-js stack, and helped with the 3D terrain effort.

I generally enjoy participating in open source projects from the development side of things and you probably know me from the annoying code review comments I leave when you open a PR 😊.

Feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile, and the Israel Hiking map website and source code.