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Luke Seelenbinder

Member of the Governing Board

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As part of the founding group, I strongly believe that open-source map rendering libraries are valuable for the ecosystem (from individuals to large organizations), and that’s why I initially led (along with my fearless fellow founding members) the push to ensure there was a single, vendor-neutral, and community-led fork of Mapbox GL JS, and I’m really excited to see the community and engagement grow over the last years. So far, I’ve been most involved in the background, from Twitter-spamming at the beginning to build an initial group, to helping build the organizational charter, talking to sponsors, writing organizational docs and presentations, and ensuring we have a solid foundation for the future.

My focuses for the upcoming months:

The company (Stadia Maps) I co founded uses MapLibre projects daily, and I often use the libraries in small personal projects. As a result, I see a lot of potential as the community continues to mature and collaborate, both personally and professionally.

Here’s to the strong future of MapLibre! 🚀