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Are you interested in maps and want to combine your people skills, organizational talents, and understanding of technology to support the MapLibre community? We are looking for a Coordinator who will be available starting from September 2024.

As MapLibre Coordinator, you will communicate with current and future sponsors, you will manage the meetings of the MapLibre Governing Board, and you will be the central voice of MapLibre and communicate our mission. You will work closely with members of the Board, the MapLibre Maintainers, and with our sponsors including AWS, Meta, and Microsoft.

Thanks to your management and organizational skills, you will make sure that MapLibre has a healthy future. You will draft financial reports and budgets to keep MapLibre’s finances on track, you will handle job applicants, and you will schedule meetings and handle follow-ups to make sure everyone is on the same page.


  • Fundraising
    • Communicate with sponsors
    • Formalize sponsorship pipeline
    • Recruit new sponsors
  • Recruitment
    • Define roles
    • Find, screen, and interview candidates
  • Community and Communication
    • Publish newsletters
    • Manage social media posts
    • Discuss with and listen to community
  • Management
    • Prepare budgets
    • Schedule meetings
    • Take meeting notes
    • Draft strategies
    • Prepare financial reports
    • Prepare time tracking reports

Required Qualifications

  • Enthusiasm for maps
  • Good oral and written English
  • Good self-management
  • Discussion facilitation experience - strong structural approach and organizational skills
  • Driving community - connecting people, strong soft skills
  • Experienced in
    • Open-source
    • GitHub
    • Fundraising
    • Community building
    • Recruiting
    • Communication

Preferred Qualifications

  • Network in the geospatial industry
  • Support of MapLibre community members

Contracting Agreement

You will track your time independently as a freelancer and bill MapLibre monthly based on an agreed hourly compensation rate. Open Source Collective, a US-based non-profit organization acting as MapLibre’s fiscal host, will sign a contracting agreement with you.

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