Developer role


You are interested in programming and saw a Bounty ticket in MapLibre GL JS or MapLibre Native that you would like to complete? Apply now to become a Developer for MapLibre and work on Bounties from small bug fixes to large series of tasks.

Before applying to the Developer role make sure to read our step by step bounties guide.

MapLibre is a widely used open-source map rendering engine powering maps at all scales from individual hobby projects to large tech enterprises such as Amazon, Meta, and Microsoft. MapLibre’s distinct vector map rendering technology offers users a state-of-the-art experience with smooth responsive rendering and full interactivity.


  • Choose tasks from the list of published Bounty tickets in MapLibre GL JS or Native according to your skills and preferences.
  • Work independently and communicate progress to Maintainers.
  • Propose and create new Bounty tickets in accordance with the Maintainers.

Required Qualifications

  • Enthusiasm for maps
  • Good spoken and written English
  • Good self-management
  • Programming experience
    • for MapLibre GL JS in TypeScript
    • for MapLibre Native in C++ (Core), Objective-C/Swift (iOS), or Java/Kotlin (Android)


As a Developer, you work on Bounty tickets and you are not required to track time. Once you complete a Bounty, you can submit an invoice to Open Source Collective, MapLibre’s fiscal host. No further contract is required. Read more in the step-by-step bounties guide.

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