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Type alias: AnimationOptions

Ƭ AnimationOptions: Object

Options common to map movement methods that involve animation, such as Map#panBy and Map#easeTo, controlling the duration and easing function of the animation. All properties are optional.

Type declaration

Name Type Description
animate? boolean If false, no animation will occur.
duration? number The animation's duration, measured in milliseconds.
easing? (_: number) => number -
essential? boolean If true, then the animation is considered essential and will not be affected by prefers-reduced-motion.
freezeElevation? boolean Default false. Needed in 3D maps to let the camera stay in a constant height based on sea-level. After the animation finished the zoom-level will be recalculated in respect of the distance from the camera to the center-coordinate-altitude.
offset? PointLike of the target center relative to real map container center at the end of animation.

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