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Type alias: GeolocateControlOptions

Ƭ GeolocateControlOptions: Object

The GeolocateControl options object

Type declaration

Name Type Description
fitBoundsOptions? FitBoundsOptions A options object to use when the map is panned and zoomed to the user's location. The default is to use a maxZoom of 15 to limit how far the map will zoom in for very accurate locations.
positionOptions? PositionOptions A Geolocation API PositionOptions object. Default Value {enableHighAccuracy: false, timeout: 6000}
showAccuracyCircle? boolean By default, if showUserLocation is true, a transparent circle will be drawn around the user location indicating the accuracy (95% confidence level) of the user's location. Set to false to disable. Always disabled when showUserLocation is false. Default Value ts true
showUserLocation? boolean By default a dot will be shown on the map at the user's location. Set to false to disable. Default Value ts true
trackUserLocation? boolean If true the GeolocateControl becomes a toggle button and when active the map will receive updates to the user's location as it changes. Default Value ts false

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