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Type alias: HandlerResult

Ƭ HandlerResult: Object

All handler methods that are called with events can optionally return a HandlerResult.

Type declaration

Name Type Description
around? Point | null the point to not move when changing the camera
bearingDelta? number -
cameraAnimation? (map: Map) => any -
needsRenderFrame? boolean Makes the manager trigger a frame, allowing the handler to return multiple results over time (see scrollzoom).
noInertia? boolean The camera changes won't get recorded for inertial zooming.
originalEvent? Event The last three properties are needed by only one handler: scrollzoom. The DOM event to be used as the originalEvent on any camera change events.
panDelta? Point -
pinchAround? Point | null same as above, except for pinch actions, which are given higher priority
pitchDelta? number -
zoomDelta? number -

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