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Type alias: MapDataEvent

Ƭ MapDataEvent: Object

A MapDataEvent object is emitted with the data and dataloading events. Possible values for dataTypes are:

  • 'source': The non-tile data associated with any source
  • 'style': The style used by the map

Possible values for sourceDataTypes are:

  • 'metadata': indicates that any necessary source metadata has been loaded (such as TileJSON) and it is ok to start loading tiles
  • 'content': indicates the source data has changed (such as when source.setData() has been called on GeoJSONSource)
  • 'visibility': send when the source becomes used when at least one of its layers becomes visible in style sense (inside the layer's zoom range and with layout.visibility set to 'visible')
  • 'idle': indicates that no new source data has been fetched (but the source has done loading)


// The sourcedata event is an example of MapDataEvent.
// Set up an event listener on the map.
map.on('sourcedata', function(e) {
   if (e.isSourceLoaded) {
       // Do something when the source has finished loading

Type declaration

Name Type Description
dataType string The type of data that has changed. One of 'source', 'style'.
sourceDataType MapSourceDataType Included if the event has a dataType of source and the event signals that internal data has been received or changed. Possible values are metadata, content, visibility and idle.
type string The event type.

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