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Type alias: RequestParameters

Ƭ RequestParameters: Object

A RequestParameters object to be returned from Map.options.transformRequest callbacks.


// use transformRequest to modify requests that begin with `http://myHost`
transformRequest: function(url, resourceType) {
 if (resourceType === 'Source' && url.indexOf('http://myHost') > -1) {
   return {
     url: url.replace('http', 'https'),
     headers: { 'my-custom-header': true },
     credentials: 'include'  // Include cookies for cross-origin requests

Type declaration

Name Type Description
body? string Request body.
cache? RequestCache Parameters supported only by browser fetch API. Property of the Request interface contains the cache mode of the request. It controls how the request will interact with the browser's HTTP cache. (
collectResourceTiming? boolean If true, Resource Timing API information will be collected for these transformed requests and returned in a resourceTiming property of relevant data events.
credentials? "same-origin" | "include" 'same-origin'\|'include' Use 'include' to send cookies with cross-origin requests.
headers? any The headers to be sent with the request.
method? "GET" | "POST" | "PUT" Request method 'GET' \| 'POST' \| 'PUT'.
type? "string" | "json" | "arrayBuffer" | "image" Response body type to be returned.
url string The URL to be requested.

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