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Authors: Max Ammann

maplibre-rs is an upcoming and cross-platform vector map renderer written in Rust. If you want to get in touch with the developers visit the chat or join the MapLibre (#maplibre and #maplibre-rs) community within the OpenStreetMap Slack. You can get an invite here.

๐Ÿ“ฐ News

If you haven’t read the last news then check it out here

Today, we merged the new renderer for maplibre-rs. It is based on bevy. Thanks bevy-devs for your outstanding progress on developing a game engine in Rust! Thank you very much for making your work open-source!

This week we continued to work on the scientific publication around maplibre-rs. Checkout the previous weekly for more information.

From now on this news will only be posted monthly, as I will have significantly less time for maplibre-rs in the next 3 months.

๐Ÿ  Housekeeping

The following will summarizes what happened last week on GitHub.

๐ŸŽ Merged Pull Requests

  • #104 Create a MacOS application artifact in GHA by @Drabble
    You can now download the demo for macOS directly on the Github Action page.
  • #103 Add Windows as a target OS in Cargo dependencies by @Drabble
    Windows is now officially tested and supported
  • #102 Create the documentation by @Drabble
    We split the documentation for building the library for development purposes and actual library development.
  • #101 Create a Windows executable artifact in GHA by @Drabble
    You can now download the demo for Windows directly on the Github Action page.
  • #100 Improve apple iOS configuration by @Drabble
    The demo runs now in the simulator on x86_64
  • #93 Add Render Graph from Bevy by @maxammann
    A render based on render graphs is now implemented.

๐ŸŽ New Issues

  • #112 Support Middleware API by @maxammann
    We might want to make it easier for other Rust apps to include maplibre-rs
  • #108 "cargo test" fails with "android-ndk-sys only supports compiling for Android" by @dmarcoux
    Thanks for raising awareness for our tests!
  • #107 Hide SQLite3 dependency behind a feature flag by @maxammann
    Task for making sqlite3 an optional dependency

๐Ÿงต Current Discussions

  • #18 Looking forward What’s up in the mapping community?
  • #32 Should the map be controlled from rust or from higher level languages? Input handling of maplibre-rs.
  • #49 Introduce yourself! Who are you?

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