AWS becomes a MapLibre Platinum Sponsor

Categories: announcements
Authors: Oliver Wipfli

We are pleased to announce the Amazon Web Services (AWS) support for the MapLibre Organization as a Platinum Sponsor. Thanks for your generous support and for all the trust you put in us!

AWS is an active participant in the MapLibre Organization and community at large. We wanted to know why AWS decided to support us, so we asked them a few questions:

1. How is AWS using MapLibre today?

MapLibre is in use across AWS by both our customers and several AWS services. It is Amazon Location Service’s recommended map renderer and forms the basis of AWS Amplify Geo’s map display and geocoding capabilities. We’ve been excited to see the project grow since it launched in 2020 and look forward to continuing our work with the MapLibre Organization.

2. Why is the support and growth of the MapLibre community important to AWS and its customers?

Many AWS customers already use MapLibre, so this is an opportunity to help support ongoing innovation and maintenance on their behalf. It also allows us to ensure that MapLibre works well with AWS services like Amazon Location Service and AWS Amplify Geo by partnering with the community.

Overall, supporting the MapLibre Organization is about meeting our customers where they are and helping to nurture a thriving open source community. More flexibility in map rendering engines leads to more experimentation by customers, which helps drive innovation across the industry.