Meta becomes a MapLibre Sponsor

Categories: announcements
Authors: Oliver Wipfli

We are pleased to announce that Meta now is a sponsor of the MapLibre Organization. Thanks for your generous help and for all the trust you put in us!

Meta has been involved in the MapLibre Organization since the very beginning, helped setting up the initial fork, and provided guidance on non-trivial questions around licensing.

Open source is an important part of Meta’s approach to map building. Meta’s map building teams contribute to and maintain a number of open source projects such as OpenSFM, Mapillary Tools, Mapillary’s Python SDK, the Daylight Map Distribution, RapiD Editor for OpenStreetMap and many more. Meta is also a significant user of open source tools such as QGIS, GDAL/OGR, and PostGIS. Additionally, Meta supports open source communities such as OSGeo, the OpenStreetMap Foundation, and local OpenStreetMap chapters through grants, membership, and conference sponsorship.