Call for Bounties­čĺ░

Categories: announcements
Authors: Oliver Wipfli

If you have ideas for new features which you would love to see from MapLibre, you can now share your idea and tell us that we should allocate Bounties for it. Bounties are pre-defined cash prizes for development tasks.

Every donation from the MapLibre Sponsorship Program has a part which is reserved for Bounties and we would like to hear from you in what direction we should take the project with the Bounties…

Share Your Idea

To share your own idea, do this:

  1. Go to the Bounties overview page
  2. Press “New discussion”
  3. Use a catchy title
  4. Put an image if you have one (maps people really like visuals…)
  5. Describe the idea in a few sentences


We would love to understand better what is important to you, and you have the opportunity to up-vote ideas.

To vote, you can simply go to the Bounties overview and click on the up-arrow of the ideas that you like:

voting instruction

We are looking forward to your feedback, all input is welcome!