MapLibre React Native Announcement

Categories: announcements
Authors: Ian Wagner

MapLibre has completed onboarding of MapLibre React Native, an SDK that will make MapLibre Native more accessible to mobile developers.

The project is a fork of rnmapbox, a community-maintained React Native library for building maps with the Mapbox iOS and Android SDKs. The original project supported both Mapbox and MapLibre backends for some time, but as the MapLibre SDK has developed independently over time, supporting both became onerous. A clean break enables both projects to bring improvements and bug fixes from the native SDKs to React Native developers as quickly as possible.

The fork was coordinated by Luke Seelenbinder (a MapLibre governing board member) and Ian Wagner from Stadia Maps. Jérôme Thiard also stepped up to volunteer and his contributions were invaluable in shipping the first official release.

The full source code and documentation are available on GitHub. Users of rnmapbox wishing to update to the latest MapLibre Native release can switch to the new package, which is available on npm. Aside from some name changes, the new SDK is drop-in compatible.