Radar becomes a MapLibre Silver Sponsor

Categories: announcements
Authors: duje

Radar is joining the MapLibre Sponsorship Program as a Silver Sponsor.

Tim Julien, CTO at Radar, was so kind to share a few insights into Radar and its relationship to MapLibre below:

MapLibre: Radar is Location Infrastructure for mobile and web apps. What role does MapLibre play in your products?

Tim: Radar’s location SDKs run on hundreds of million devices across web and mobile platforms. Our customers have been searching for a cost effective all-in-one location stack, so this year we’ve launched Radar Maps to complete our vision of “a location platform for every product and service”. MapLibre powers Radar Maps within that user base.

MapLibre: With your sponsorship of MapLibre you are directly supporting the open-source maps ecosystem. How did you decide to sponsor MapLibre?

Tim: With the momentum behind MapLibre over the past year it’s an exciting time for the open-source mapping community. Since we incorporated MapLibre into Radar Maps it was only natural to sponsor the project to support core development.

MapLibre: Do Radar’s products require some new features in the MapLibre toolkit which do not exist yet?

Tim: Not at the moment!

MapLibre is glad to have you and looks forward to a productive and sustainable common future!