Mappedin joins the MapLibre Sponsorship Program

Categories: announcements
Authors: Birk Skyum

Mappedin joins the MapLibre Sponsorship Program at the Silver tier.

With a yearly donation of USD $10,000, Mappedin supports the maintenance of MapLibre’s codebases and ensures a stable future for the project.

By supporting MapLibre, Mappedin strengthens the open-source maps ecosystem and makes its map rendering technology available to everyone. This collaboration unlocks future opportunities and projects for the broader open-source community.

Mappedin, a global leader in indoor mapping and spatial data management, uses MapLibre in its user-friendly maps. With their Maps for Good initiative, one of their goals is to further the use of maps and mapping technology for schools, firefighting, and other public sector and response-focused solutions.

Stay tuned for more updates as Mappedin continues to work closely with MapLibre and contributes to the evolution of open-source mapping technology. In addition, Mappedin works with organizations and businesses to create enterprise mapping solutions as well as individuals and professionals who can sign up for Mappedin subscriptions and start making indoor maps for free at

We would like to express our gratitude for the generous donation and the trust you put in us. Thank you, Mappedin, for being a Sponsor!