MapLibre GL JS

Open-source JavaScript library for publishing maps on your websites.

Fast displaying of maps is possible thanks to GPU-accelerated vector tile rendering.

Originated as an open-source fork of mapbox-gl-js, the library is intended to be a drop-in replacement for the Mapbox’s version with additional functionality.

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MapLibre Native

Open-source SDK for Android and iOS allowing displaying maps inside of your mobile applications, desktop application, or embedded devices.

This toolset grants fast maps displaying in iOS and Android apps using the same GPU-based acceleration as the JavaScript version.

MapLibre-Native is an open source fork of mapbox-native with additional functionality.

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Additional projects

Binding for additional languages (such as React.js, Vue) or and external libraries.

Plugins extending the functionality of the core SDKs.

See awesome-maplibre on GitHub.

MapLibre GL JS

MapLibre GL JS on Safari