About MapLibre


MapLibre is a community-governed collection of open source mapping libraries. As a community, we believe in building and maintaining freely licensed libraries that enable developers worldwide to build vital tools using maps.

Motivated by the 2020 transition to proprietary licensing for Mapbox GL JS, the initial libraries are forks of the Mapbox GL ecosystem—for the web and mobile platforms.

Our goal is to continue building on the foundation of Mapbox’s original open-source code under the BSD license without tracking end-users.


There are many active and motivated individuals on the board of the projects, who are working for organizations such as MapTiler, WhereGroup, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Elastic, Stadia, Ceres Imaging, to name a few.

We have regular meetings where we discuss technical details, community-related stuff, and future development.

The steering committee ensures maintained, 100% free, open-source, and vendor-neutral project governance.

Join the community

We welcome all kinds of contributions: writing the code, designing the website, creating documentation, testing, bug reporting, and all other activities that help to develop this project further.

The discussion happens on the #maplibre Slack channel at osmus.slack.com. Feel free to join here.

Create a ticket, propose a modification, and send a pull request directly to one of the projects on GitHub.


Sponsor via github.com/sponsors/maplibre - with a transparent account at OpenCollective.

Why? You ensure that the library is maintained and further developed. If you are a business actively using MapLibre libraries, please consider a monthly donation.