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Petr Pridal

Member of the Governing Board

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As one of the founders, I have had a chance to help to shape the MapLibre project into the current form. My vision for the project is to make it the best rendering library for maps out there - used by millions of people every day - vendor/provider independent - and with true community governance. Many of my ideas where to go practically are drafted in our roadmap. Some of them I have helped to make happen practically with the assistance of my team:

I believe JavaScript and Native are the core and essential projects of the MapLibre organization, and especially Native needs more love and focus right now - to get to parity with JS. These are the cornerstones on which other projects grow - and the success of MapLibre depends on the success of the two. Focus is important - but there is a need for new MapLibre projects too (hopefully the upcoming Planetiler, continued innovation in Rust or other tools) which brings benefits to the community and allows larger reach and will shape the project’s future, and they are also really cool technically.

I am an entrepreneur and software architect. I am a challenge seeker, Swiss resident born in the Czech Republic, and father of two boys. I hope to be able to contribute with my experience and from my position of CEO of MapTiler.com - acting on the board as a representative of the vendors who are using the MapLibre in production systems with thousands of customers. I have practical experience from board meetings, education in management and board governance from IMD in Switzerland, degree in Computer Science and PhD in cartography. Furthermore, my visionary mind and workaholism helped to shape OpenMapTiles.org, EPSG.io, GDAL2Tiles, OldMapsOnline.org, etc. More about me on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Let’s bring the MapLibre project to the next level - together :-)