Mapbox Maps SDK for iOS

The Mapbox Maps SDK for iOS is an open-source framework for embedding interactive map views with scalable, customizable vector maps into Cocoa Touch applications on iOS 9.0 and above using Objective-C, Swift, or Interface Builder. It takes stylesheets that conform to the Mapbox Style Specification, applies them to vector tiles that conform to the Mapbox Vector Tile Specification, and renders them using OpenGL.

Mapbox Maps SDK for iOS screenshots

For setup information, check out the Mapbox Maps SDK for iOS homepage. For detailed usage instructions, read “First steps with the Mapbox Maps SDK for iOS” and consult the online examples.

If you have any questions, please see our help page. We welcome your bug reports, feature requests, and contributions.

Changes in version 5.13.0

  • Fix missing attribution #236
  • Fix logging format strings #266
  • Implement map projection functionality #254
  • Fix warnings, mainly casting to smaller types #270
  • Remove an unused static library (savings of 97 KB from iOS binary)
  • Add ClientOptions to be able to pass around client name and version #365
  • Remove account from xcconfig #382
  • Remove observation of key-path #380
  • Fix for “NSExpression function is forbidden” #411
  • Xcode 14 compatibility #494 #599

Recent changes

See the full changelog for previous releases.