Supported Platforms

For development the following platforms are recommended:

  • Linux X11/Wayland
  • MacOS
  • Latest Firefox Nightly/Chrome Canary with WebGPU (Because WebGPU is a living spec, sometimes a bleeding-edge browser release is required)

Short-term Obstacles

Linux X11
Linux Wayland
Android* Unable to get window size before resume
iOS* Touches are crashing the app on real devices
* Instanced indices drawing is not supported
* Drawing zero-length indices is prohibited
Firefox* Shared Memory is currently not working because it a parallel web worker corrupts memory
Mobile Firefox
Mobile Chrome
Mobile Safari

Long-term Goals

WebGPU is not enabled by default for all platforms.

WebGPU Status:

PlatformLinux & AndroidGraphics APINote
Linux X11Vulkan
Linux WaylandVulkan
AndroidVulkan/OpenGL ES/AngleNot tested, but should work on all devices if Angle is used. Vulkan is not yet supported widely.
iOSMetalNot tested.
ChromeWebGL/WebGPUWebGPU is significantly faster because WASM output is smaller.
Safari🛠️WebGL/WebGPUSafari does not yet support Shared Array Buffer
Mobile Firefox🆗WebGL/WebGPU
Mobile Chrome🆗WebGLWebGPU is not implemented.
Mobile Safari🛠️WebGLWebGPU is not implemented. Safari does not yet support Shared Array Buffer

✅ = First Class Support — 🆗= Best Effort Support — 🛠️ = Unsupported, but support in progress