CLI Tools

Martin project contains additional tooling to help manage the data servable with Martin tile server.


martin-cp is a tool for generating tiles in bulk, and save retrieved tiles into a new or an existing MBTiles file. It can be used to generate tiles for a large area or multiple areas. If multiple areas overlap, it will generate tiles only once. martin-cp supports the same configuration file and CLI arguments as Martin server, so it can support all sources and even combining sources.


mbtiles is a small utility to interact with the *.mbtiles files from the command line. It allows users to examine, copy, validate, compare, and apply diffs between them.

Use mbtiles --help to see a list of available commands, and mbtiles <command> --help to see help for a specific command.

This tool can be installed by compiling the latest released version with cargo install mbtiles --locked, or by downloading a pre-built binary from the releases page.

The mbtiles utility builds on top of the MBTiles specification. It adds a few additional conventions to ensure that the content of the tile data is valid, and can be used for reliable diffing and patching of the tilesets.