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addProtocol(customProtocol: string, loadFn: AddProtocolAction): void

Adds a custom load resource function that will be called when using a URL that starts with a custom url schema. This will happen in the main thread, and workers might call it if they don't know how to handle the protocol. The example below will be triggered for custom:// urls defined in the sources list in the style definitions. The function passed will receive the request parameters and should return with the resulting resource, for example a pbf vector tile, non-compressed, represented as ArrayBuffer.


Parameter Type Description
customProtocol string the protocol to hook, for example 'custom'
loadFn AddProtocolAction the function to use when trying to fetch a tile specified by the customProtocol




// This will fetch a file using the fetch API (this is obviously a non interesting example...)
addProtocol('custom', async (params, abortController) => {
     const t = await fetch(`https://${params.url.split("://")[1]}`);
     if (t.status == 200) {
         const buffer = await t.arrayBuffer();
         return {data: buffer}
     } else {
         throw new Error(`Tile fetch error: ${t.statusText}`);
// the following is an example of a way to return an error when trying to load a tile
addProtocol('custom2', async (params, abortController) => {
     throw new Error('someErrorMessage'));

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