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Function: prewarm

prewarm(): void

Initializes resources like WebWorkers that can be shared across maps to lower load times in some situations. setWorkerUrl() and setWorkerCount(), if being used, must be set before prewarm() is called to have an effect.

By default, the lifecycle of these resources is managed automatically, and they are lazily initialized when a Map is first created. By invoking prewarm(), these resources will be created ahead of time, and will not be cleared when the last Map is removed from the page. This allows them to be re-used by new Map instances that are created later. They can be manually cleared by calling clearPrewarmedResources(). This is only necessary if your web page remains active but stops using maps altogether.

This is primarily useful when using GL-JS maps in a single page app, wherein a user would navigate between various views that can cause Map instances to constantly be created and destroyed.





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