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FlyToOptions: AnimationOptions & CameraOptions & object

The Map#flyTo options object

Type declaration


optional curve: number

The zooming "curve" that will occur along the flight path. A high value maximizes zooming for an exaggerated animation, while a low value minimizes zooming for an effect closer to Map#easeTo. 1.42 is the average value selected by participants in the user study discussed in van Wijk (2003). A value of Math.pow(6, 0.25) would be equivalent to the root mean squared average velocity. A value of 1 would produce a circular motion.

Default Value



optional maxDuration: number

The animation's maximum duration, measured in milliseconds. If duration exceeds maximum duration, it resets to 0.


optional minZoom: number

The zero-based zoom level at the peak of the flight path. If options.curve is specified, this option is ignored.


optional padding: number | RequireAtLeastOne<PaddingOptions>

The amount of padding in pixels to add to the given bounds.


optional screenSpeed: number

The average speed of the animation measured in screenfuls per second, assuming a linear timing curve. If options.speed is specified, this option is ignored.


optional speed: number

The average speed of the animation defined in relation to options.curve. A speed of 1.2 means that the map appears to move along the flight path by 1.2 times options.curve screenfuls every second. A screenful is the map's visible span. It does not correspond to a fixed physical distance, but varies by zoom level.

Default Value