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MapDataEvent: object

A MapDataEvent object is emitted with the data and dataloading events. Possible values for dataTypes are:

  • 'source': The non-tile data associated with any source
  • 'style': The style used by the map

Possible values for sourceDataTypes are:

  • 'metadata': indicates that any necessary source metadata has been loaded (such as TileJSON) and it is ok to start loading tiles
  • 'content': indicates the source data has changed (such as when source.setData() has been called on GeoJSONSource)
  • 'visibility': send when the source becomes used when at least one of its layers becomes visible in style sense (inside the layer's zoom range and with layout.visibility set to 'visible')
  • 'idle': indicates that no new source data has been fetched (but the source has done loading)


// The sourcedata event is an example of MapDataEvent.
// Set up an event listener on the map.
map.on('sourcedata', (e) => {
   if (e.isSourceLoaded) {
       // Do something when the source has finished loading

Type declaration


dataType: string

The type of data that has changed. One of 'source', 'style'.


sourceDataType: MapSourceDataType

Included if the event has a dataType of source and the event signals that internal data has been received or changed. Possible values are metadata, content, visibility and idle.


type: string

The event type.